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Holding Back

I just wanted to mention a thing or two...  The  blacks who voted for Biden on Super-Tuesday tended to be older people.  Bernie is still attracting younger people in general, including younger blacks.  However, he has been faltering on that front this time around, a little bit.  AND, I've got a theory...  There is another reason why not a lot of younger people turned out for Bernie on Super-Tuesday, thus securing him the lead.  Fear of Coronavirus, (COVID-19).  I think younger people are more aware of the risk of contracting that virus, by pulling levers and pushing buttons that hundreds or thousands of other people have touched.  "Fear," (or sense), kept them away from the polls.  However, another kind of fear may have helped older people in the South turn out for Biden, a little.  Fear of socialism, fear of Trump (a la Bloomberg's commercials), and fear of tornadoes...  What?!  This may sound ridiculous, but I have seen this before.  When a tragedy hits, or more specifically after it hits - or if there's shitty weather -  people tend to vote against risk.  Sanders is a "risk", and Biden is status quo.  As far as the virus goes, I don't think people down south have woken up to that yet.  And, as I recently posted, NPR's airing of pro-Biden, anti-Sanders talking heads, (including Hillary Clinton), also did not help at all.  Neither did the support of several other politicians.  See also:

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Unwarrented Behaviour

I would have been fine with Elizabeth Warren as president. There are several others I would have been fine with, like Sanders, Amy K., and even Biden or trump, in some respects. (Most other candidates showed a serious absence of substance, whatever their race or gender).

I decided this even though I earlier came to the hunch that she was not presidential material. This earlier opinion came about the time of the whole 'Pocahontas' tussle. At that time, I saw in her a modicum of magical thinking. And, her whole response to the Trump accusation was sloppy. Basically, she just folded, and apologised to all the Native Americans she hurt. That's what i remember of it, but I think there was more.

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Sincerely, I did support Warren, above Bloomberg, Biden, Mayor B., and others. And I want her, and anti-corporatism, to succeed. I have kept my mouth shut concerning my reservations, because, as I said, I would be fine if she were president. Now that she is out, I think it is OK to take a look at her - and ask why, maybe, she might have failed, other than, and in addition to, sexism. Every part of me wishes her the best of luck, and I look forward to the great job she will do in the Sanders Administration.
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Who do you want to keep running?

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As far as you're concerned, who are still in the running? (In your heart; or to influence other candidates; or as a posssible VP).

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