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Assange Confirms Sanders Was Threatened

Original newz story - Click here

Julian Assange has confirmed that Bernie Sanders was threatened into pulling out of the Democratic race in July.

During a recent interview with Australian journalist John Pilger, Assange said that Bernie Sanders was forced to drop out of the race due to threats from the Clinton campaign.

Assange’s admission appears to substantiate claims by the Kremlin who revealed they had evidence that Jane Sanders was physically threatened in order to “get Bernie on board” with Hillary’s campaign.

Trueactivist.com reports:

Pilger, who is working on a documentary about Assange, asked:

“Julian, we cut you off earlier when you were talking about what you felt were the most significant emails that you have released. Is there any last one that you’d like to mention? And also, do you have any thoughts on Bernie Sanders? I mean what is your opinion why Bernie Sanders drop out of the race?”

Assange responded:

“Look, I think—you know, we know how politics works in the United States. Whoever—whatever political party gets into government is going to merge with the bureaucracy pretty damn fast. It will be in a position where it has some levers in its hand. And Bernie Sanders was independent candidate trying to get the nomination trough the Democratic Party and if you ask me he did get the nomination, but he was threatened to drop out.”

Again, Assange has promised to release incriminating emails which are sure to result in Clinton’s indictment. He says he has evidence that Hillary made deals with an alleged Islamic state sponsor, as well as damning information about the Clinton Foundation.

The Clinton campaign knows he’s on to her, too, which is why a strategist called for an assassination of Assange on TV.

“Of course, we’re very interested in revealing the truth about any candidate and yes we have some material about Bernie Sanders that will be published,” Assange added.


(While I feel compassion toward the faltering Ms. Clinton, there is also a kind of cruel justice in the world. Karma. And, see this): Human Rights Groups to Launch All-Out ‘Pardon Snowden’… - September 12th, 2016 - Nadia Prupis, staff writer Some of the world’s most prominent human rights organizations are launching a formal campaign on Wednesday calling on President Barack Obama to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden, a long-awaited effort that will coincide ...
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He stayed in the race until after the very last primary. How on earth was he threatened to drop out, when he didn't suspend his campaign until all the voting was over?
I noticed the change before the California primary, when he dropped the chance to debate with Trump.

It doesn't mean that he agreed to drop out. What he did was agree to support Clinton should he fail in California.

Do you have your own information on this? How does him NOT dropping out prove that he was not threatened?!
To expand, since I can't edit my first reply since moderation seems to have changed, Bernie Sanders himself has never claimed that he was threatened by Clinton. A lot of political science and history experts will tell you that the primary between Clinton and Sanders was _exceptionally_ tame. And the race was never all that close.

Sanders isn't supporting Clinton now because he was threatened. He's doing it because him and Clinton broadly share policy goals. And because Trump is a likely dictator in waiting. Can you show me where Bernie Sanders ever alleged that he or his family were threatened by Clinton?

When I look for information about Clinton threatening Sanders, the very first search result about emails begins like this: "Kremlin sources say the Clinton campaign “sent their goons to give Jane Sanders the shakedown,” in order to end the Bernie Sanders campaign before the convention, citing evidence from one of 10,000 Hillary emails Putin has in his personal possession."

Again, judge the source of the information. Kremlin sources? Please. "News reports" like that are trash.
I guess my first reply was thrown into moderation because I included some links. Sorry!
Sorry, I am not interested in getting drawn into other people's crap. I know what I know, and I'll think about the issue again on my own watch. Glancing over a few of your comments, I can see where you are coming from. I am under no obligation to prove anything to you. You are a troll, who's journal is all about video games and making stupid comments. I've been following Bernie Sanders for about a decade now.

To expand, ta ta.

And thanks for being a contributing member to this community when the help was needed. pffft.....


September 21 2016, 07:03:35 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  September 21 2016, 07:04:40 UTC

You don't want to get drawn into my "crap"? You're right that you don't have to prove anything to me - but in your very first reply YOU asked me to prove something to you.

You're don't want to engage intellectually with my arguments so you call me a troll _immediately_. I haven't attacked you, or been disrespectful. I saw this post show up in my dash and my motivation was maybe to help nudge you or anyone else reading the post who supported Sanders in the primaries (I assume) into supporting Clinton, because her and Sanders broadly share a policy platform. But it's conspiracy stuff like this from dubious sources that keeps alive this bogus aura that Clinton is a corrupt monster.

Have a good life.