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Populist - not always "Popular"

I understand that Bernie Sanders sometimes rails against Donald Trump, at times when he sees it is necessary. And, I understand that a lot of Trump's supporters are racists, although, not so many as NPR may lead one to believe. But I still see that both of these men are different sides of the same coin of populism. When you look at it, Bernie is often a nationalist, although one would never therefore call him a, "white nationalist," as most people call Trump. When you look at Trump, you see a drive to renew the countries' infrastructure; to curtail unfair trade; to draw in the reigns of warfare; etc., JUST LIKE BERNIE.

Granted, there are differences here. But, I am looking at the bigger picture, of what the people say they need. I am trying not to look at the divide-and-conquer, partisan picture of what the elites try to make us squabble over, etc. When we settle down, it can be seen that, in many, BUT CERTAINLY NOT ALL, cases, both Bernie and Trump are looking for the same things. However, you are NEVER going to see this reported in the news, or from either partisan national committee.

Here is an example of such coincidence between Trump and Bernie. We never heard a lot of this side of Trump's speech. But, it looks like both he and Sanders want a reevaluation of U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia.

Trump has been dealing with a LOT of pressure from the GOP, and from the (Clinton-Bush) elites, which, along with his own stupidity, has made him declare some pretty horrendous things. I am all over that, in my journal. However, I do see him sometimes pushing back towards a more centrist, sensible attitude - because he is a businessman. I have always suspected that this sort of thing would happen.

You wouldn't know it from the news, but there are a few similarities to be seen in recent foreign policy speeches of both Trump and Sanders...

Trump Slams US and Saudi Foreign Policy in Fiery UN Speech

Bernie Sanders: Saudi Arabia Is “Not an Ally” and the US Should “Rethink” Its Approach to Iran

Bernie Sanders Gives Major Foreign Policy Speech: 'We Share A Common Humanity'

Note: Silicon Valley Should Just Say No to Saudi Arabia
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